Here's something about me (That you were dying to know about!)

The basic biographical stuff

        I was born in New Delhi in 1974 (making me 33 yrs old at the last count!). I did my undergraduate studies in physics from Delhi University followed by my M.S. at the Indian Institute of Science, at Bangalore specializing on the "Structure of the proton". In 1998, I came to US and joined State University of New York, at Stony Brook to pursue a PhD in physics. After a three year postdoctoral stint at at Los Alamos National Lab, I joined Accuray Inc. as a physicist, working on applications of nuclear and radiation physics in medicine. Accuray Inc. manufactures a robotic radio surgery system consisting of a robot mounted with an electron linear accelerator which produces very high intensity radiation beam to attack cancerous tissues.

Some serious stuff or my research interests:

My hobbies include:

Reading (My favourite book is George Orwell's "Keep The Aspidistra Flying" (never heard of it,have you?)). I also like to write and have written some short stories. I also maintain a journal that I've been writing daily since I was seventeen.

Outdoor stuff like hiking, camping, biking, parasailing, river rafting, roller blading, ... Generally, I like to try out new things.

Travelling...(I'm a roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will!...wherever I may roam ...).

My music tastes are pretty omnivorous and my favourite bands range from the good ol' Beatles to the headbanging Metallica. Recently I seem to be developing a taste for classical waltzes: Shostakovich and Chopin. I guess this is what happens when you turn 30!

Ballroom Dancing. I once used to do competitive ballroom dancing as a part of the Stony Brook University Dance team. However I couldn't really compete against the 16 yr Russians and am currently in retirement from competition. However I continue to dance socially and my favourites are Argentine Tango, Waltz, Swing and Cha-cha.

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Last Updated: February 3, 2008